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The LVC Counselor™ is a patient education software program that provides your practice with a dynamic and systematic approach to educating each and every laser vision correction candidate. It has consistently proved to increase the number of patients who say “YES” to laser vision correction by allowing them to visualize the benefits of surgery BEFORE actually having it. It was originally introduced as a CD and can still be purchased in this format on this website. However, you can now purchase the new WEBSITE & TABLET VERSION to use on your website and tablet computers including iPads.

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The new LVC Counselor™ for Website & Tablet use - Please click on the image for a preview

Produced by Patient Education Concepts, Inc., (Houston) and Eyeland Design Network GmbH, (Germany), the LVC Counselor was first made available to attendees at the ASCRS 2008 April meeting in Chicago. Its initial launch was sponsored by educational grants from: Alcon Laboratories, Inc.; Advanced Medical Optics, Inc.; CareCredit®; Nidek, Inc.; Schwind eye-tech-solutions GmbH & Co. KG and Ziemer AG.

Using any one of over a dozen high-resolution, real-life sceneries that target a wide range of patient demographics, each patient will get a good understanding of what their life would be like AFTER laser vision correction. Presbyopic-aged patients can learn about Blended Vision. Patients that want to know how your laser and your surgical techniques differ from your competitors’ will have the ability to see animations specific to your technology and preferred surgical technique.

The LVC Counselor™ allows you to address the two biggest obstacles that prevent patients from having surgery: cost and fear. Cost is overcome by using the CareCredit® Payment Calculator which shows how affordable laser vision correction can be with their low monthly payment plans. Fear is overcome by showing patients a graphic with your surgical outcome statistics, which builds confidence that they came to a practice that can deliver the results they desire. Each counseling session can also be tracked and reported to your practice take the guess work out of knowing your true patient conversion rate.

If you already have the LVC Counselor™ CD you will need to Activate your software using the CD’s serial number and unique computer number generated by your computer. Click on Registration/Activation to begin the process of registering and activating your CD.

Since its introduction PEC and Eyeland Design Network also currently offers the Sight Selector™ Family of patient education counseling programs that can be delivered on iPads™, Mac and PC computers and Online.